Agents giving away a fortune $169,000.00

It’s mind-blowing when you sit down and analyse the media content real estate principals supply to third parties that supply portals for digital marketing of real estate listings.

For example lets look at

1. We agents supply them with the content that makes them profitable.

2. They charge us to supply the content they need.

3. They make a multi million dollar profit from our content.

If we dig down through the facts you can see how much unrealised value you have and happily pay companies like and to take it from you.

Read on its AMAZING

  • The share value of REA Ltd ( is today $12.45 per share
  • Total number of shares 129,474,146
  • Value of company $1,611,953,117
  • No of agents supplying content 9536
  • 12th most viewed web site in Australia

If agents organised themselves and acted as one we could own and control our information, having only one main real estate portal owned by us and worth billions of dollars.

Just the current market value of divided by paying agents equates to over $169,000 per paying agency which does not include other sites such as

Just imagine

If the 9,536 agents invested say $10,000 each which is less than what you would pay to just one real estate portal in a year we would have a capital base of $95,360,000.

You would only supply information to the company you now own and all other portals would close down as they would have no or little content.

We as agents would own the main source of the current real estate content, the traffic would flood in and advertisers  such as banks and any property associated industry would pay high premiums as they know that they would be viewed by close to 100% of the online real estate market.

As the portal would be Australia wide the content can be segmented and sold regionally as per the Google search engine model for selling advertising by regions, creating a multiplying factor to advertising revenue.

This is not a pipe dream, just look at the numbers.

If we can achieve solidarity we can all profit from what we rightfully own.

The good news is that most of the infrastructure is in place with several smaller portals that are industry owned such as in New South Wales ( run by a real estate cooperative. (EAC) and if upgrades and expansion is needed the capital of over $95,000,000 would easily staff and fix and hardware and software upgrades.

What are we waiting for its dollars in your pocket.

The question is!

Would you be prepared to invest and supply listings to one portal owed by you and your industry exclusively if most agents in Australia agreed to do the same?

I would love to know your thoughts and please pass this blog onto real estate principals you know to see if we can cause a social media revolution in the online real estate market to our mutual benefit and creating another income stream to our businesses.



Wilson's has been established since 1955 and has been a progressive, pro active real estate agency specialising home sales, land sales and apartment sales in Gosford City. We have agents specialising in the following suburbs Bensville, Empire Bay, St Huberts Island, Woy Woy, Umina Beach, Ettalong Beach, Pt Clare, Tascott & Koolewong. Wilson's property management is larger enough to have documented systems to ensure your investment is managed correctly but small enough to give you the personal service you deserve.
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